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Welcome to Torah of Yah


     My name is Shawn McKinley.  I will state right from the beginning that I DO NOT claim to be a teacher, pastor, deacon or any title or position.  I do not belong to any church denomination.  I am just a man that loves to study his bible.  It is my intention to simply make available here thoughts that I have had and things that I have come across over my years of study.  Any glory and thanksgiving belong to Yah and Him alone.  This is not a website that is designed to tickle ears, make money or have an agenda other than seeking truth.  Please DO NOT send ANY money to me!  Anything found on this site is absolutely free (I can't claim that for things that may be found on other's websites, however).  Feel free to contact me with any input you may have on anything found on this site.  I do not argue; I do welcome honest discussion from people that are truly seeking the truth.  I do NOT claim that what is found here is absolutely true, as I am just a man that is flawed; we are all accountable for ourselves and are all responsible for testing all things we are told to ensure they are true.

     The main purpose of this website is to act as a signpost to other sites I have come across that have found to be edifying.  I am in the process of writing down my thoughts on a great many things to be made available for those that may be interested.   

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